Web and UI/UX Designer

I am Charles Chaneco and I am a Digital Media Design graduate at Red River College. I specialize in web and UI/UX design and occassionally do photography on the side. I was born in the Philippines and immigrated in Canada on 2009. Ever since then, I started exploring the world of digital media and fell in love with it.

HTML/CSS from scratch

I like to build websites from top to bottom using pure HTML and CSS. This gives me complete control over how my websites look and function, and allows me to be as creative as I can be.

UI/UX design at its finest

With great consideration to the user experience, I design user interfaces that fit your wants and needs. Creating interfaces require not only the perspective of the designer, but also from users.

Capturing your greatest moments

From weddings to birthday parties, all the way to debut celebrations, I aim to capture moments you never want to forget. Rest assured, these photos will stick with you for the rest of your life.